Our dedicated nursing staff offers specialized in-home support to seniors and people with disabilities.



Our staff has been extensively trained in medical support to facilitate you through any emergencies or challenging situations.



Requiring external support can seem daunting – we aim to make you feel at ease with reliable nursing and caregiving services.



We believe in ensuring that our clients facing dementia, disabilities, or needing post-operative care can feel safe and protected in their homes.


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We are an NDIS registered agency and Approved Provider of Home Care Packages that is fully equipped to provide personal care, social engagement, companionship, and more.

About Us

Coastal Home Care is a personalized care-provider for older Australians and people with a disability on the Sunshine Coast; we have years of experience working in the healthcare industry.

This initiative has been founded by Kerryn Palmer – a Director and Registered Nurse who has dedicated her services around the Sunshine Coast. We are accredited by the National Disability Insurance Scheme and an Approved Provider of Home Care Packages specializing in offering home care services to support the welfare of seniors and people with a disability.

Approved Provider
of Home Care Packages
and Registered NDIS Provider


We facilitate people with a disability who need medical and lifestyle support to manage their life normally – without any hassles, hindrances, or difficulties.

Home Care Package

For a holistic experience, refer to our home care package which will provide coverage for meal preparation, nursing, and mental support.

What is a Home

A Home Care Package is designed for your convenience – it is for all Australians who require access to affordable in-home caregiving services.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to keep you or your loved ones comfortable and cared for.

Are you looking for a certified and expert individual to aid you? Browse through our services to fulfill your needs.

How do I Apply for a Home
Care Package

STEP 1 – Contact

Call 1800 200 422 to request for a Home Care Package

STEP 2 – Discuss

Our team will visit you to assess and determine what you need.

STEP 3 – Initial Approval

You will be informed via a letter about your outcome of your application and be placed on the waitlist if approved for a Home Care Package.

STEP 4 – Placement

Once assigned, contact us on 07 5293 8304 and we can arrange for you to commence services.

STEP 5 – Receive Care

Everything will be finalized and you can relax with a reliable support system.

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